Valerian: Dane DeHaan “Expect to be surprised”

Cinema 2 February, 2017

On the occasion of the release of the film A Cure For Life, we were able to meet Dane DeHaan and glean some information about Valerian. And it promises!
Whether you love Luc Besson or not, his films are always much awaited. Especially when the director of the Fifth Element addresses the comic that just inspired this film: Valerian and the city of a thousand planets . The project of a lifetime. And for now, it’s pretty good. He just has to see the first trailer that was unveiled this fall: amazing ! Program: action, spaceships, aliens, humor … It’s like Guardians of the Galaxy , with a bit of Fifth Element in. The perfect combo wholesale, and it looks so pretty incredible! Besides, this is exactly what we told Dane DeHaan ( The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Chronicle ), the actor who plays the hero Valerian, when he was interviewed on the occasion of the upcoming release the disturbing but fascinating A Cure for Life . It has of course the opportunity to slip a few questions about Valerian , and he promised us that it would be “huge, epic and exciting.”
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Dane DeHaan has trained hard to slip into the skin of Valerian!
“Expect to be surprised. The fact that Valerian is not associated with an American studio allows him to be more original than all the science fiction blockbusters combined. I had so much fun turning Valerian. I hope people will enjoy as much as me watching him ” , he added, clearly making us the mouth water. But there was not just fun during the shoot! Dane DeHaan also had to follow a rather intensive training to slip into the skin of intergalactic heroes. “There was also a lot of training. I had to look like someone who saves the universe, not just physically, but also mentally. I trained so every morning to put me in the mind of the character ” , he has said. And just see alongside Cara Delevingne on the official photos of the movie , to see that it was successful. And you, what do you think of Dane DeHaan?