Valerie Fairman: Death by overdose of the young star, his daughter devastated Nevaeh

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

Nevaeh, 7, is now an orphan.
The consumption of narcotics is one of the most common crimes among celebrities! She will have been right Valerie Fairman, probably died of an overdose. The reality TV star was 23 years old and leaves a little orphan girl …
Valerie Fairman, who was known by participating in the show 16 and Pregnant , which aired on MTV, passed away Wednesday, December 21 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The young woman, who was at a friend’s house, was found unconscious in the bathroom of the house. Relatives of the deceased said to TMZ That an overdose would be at the origin of its disappearance. A forensic pathologist conducts screening tests to determine the exact cause.
Valerie Fairman had a daughter, Nevaeh, aged 7, and a boyfriend. She has had to do justice on several occasions, especially for prostitution. According to TMZ , she was arrested last week for refusing to comply and using a fake ID.