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Entertainment 18 January, 2018

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A 57-year-old, Jacinte, the daughter of Valériy Giscard d’estaing has died following a long illness.

It is a sad news for the former president. Jacinte Giscard d’estaing, the youngest daughter of Valery and Anne-Aymone Giscard d’estaing, died Tuesday evening at the age of 57 years died of a long illness, we learn from the AFP.

Jacinte was the youngest of the four children of the former president and his wife Anne-Aymone, who are also parents of Valérie-Anne, Henri and Louis. If his name wasn’t known to the general public, his face is more. She appeared on the poster for the presidential campaign of his father in 1974. The family of T had been present during the vote, won a face to the socialist Francois Mitterrand. At the time, like a Kennedy, T had set before his family.

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Valéry Giscard d’estaing

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