Vanessa Paradis: the common men she loves

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

According to our colleagues Here , Vanessa Paradis have a new man in her life. The actress and singer would have fallen under the spell of Samuel Benchetrit, and confirms its eternal attraction to beautiful brown touchy …

vanessa-paradis-2016A character all fire and flame in a frail body: Vanessa Paradis has made his trademark. At 43 special charm is also still the success of the beautiful among men. But if the ex-lolita appeals to a wide range of gentlemen, it always prefers to be seduced by the same type of men .
With his new conquest, revealed by our colleagues Here , Vanessa Paradis is no exception to his own rule. Samuel Benchetrit, the forty revives once again with his taste for shady brown. If the former husband of Marie Trintignant and former companion of Anna Mougalis, is primarily known for his talent of author, screenwriter and director, the fairer sex in French was also one of her fantasies. like all men who attended Vanessa Paradis, the handsome Samuel Benchetrit, who was also 43 years old, wears a brown mane cut the undecided and carelessly crafted look.
Florent Pagny , Lenny Kravitz , Johnny Depp and Benjamin Biolay all have in common to have grown slightly unkempt look and have smitten one day Vanessa Paradis. Alongside them, the mother of Lily-Rose and Jack will seek the thrills of a bourgeois life, bohemian and without constraints. Blossomed in its relations with men in character as hard as she, the little bird Chanel is always a lot of fun. But Vanessa Paradis also experienced painful ruptures and binding with these men to romantic souls. With Samuel Benchetrit, more appeased now, thanks to his son and daughter Jules Saul, the actress may have finally found the perfect man and dreamed a stepfather to her two children.