Vaping cannabis is (almost) legal : the Academy of medicine is sounding the alarm

Health 22 December, 2017


Published on 22.12.2017 at 18h33


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“Vaping” is, for some, a substitute of the cigarette. More economical and, a priori, less hazardous to health. Cannabis consumers seem to think the same thing. They have found their replacement : the CBD. For ” cannabidiol “.
It is a molecule, that can be found in some e-liquids for several years already. You can get on the internet very easily. And the bottles of e-liquid in the cannabidiol invade the showcases of shops that have pinion on street.

The little brother of the THC

Cannabidiol does not have the same effects as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active principle of cannabis.
It is the THC that causes the sensation of “getting high” in the consumer. It also facilitates the onset of sleep. For the sale and purchase, it is strictly forbidden for the above 0.2%.
Cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects at normal dose. It is on the vigilance, increases the temperature of the body. According to some studies, its effectiveness would intérssantes against the muscle spasms or multiple sclerosis… but only when it is associated, precisely, with THC.
The main benefit for sellers is that this molecule is surrounded by legal uncertainty.

Any misuse of the molecule

In fact, cannabidiol is legal in France, but only if it is in the form of medicine. Yet today, there is still no medicine of the kind. Capsules in the CBD are still sold online. Argument traders : its therapeutic benefits against the pain.
These are the same arguments used by the sellers of e-liquid. Problem : there is no evidence, to this day, these virtues due to the cannabidiol. Another problem : there is nothing to prove, not more, the damage it can cause on the health. But producers and traders are embedded in the breccia.

The authorities are lagging behind

And the health authorities are somewhat overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. Especially that three years ago, the question was already posed with the marketing of the first joint electronic, dubbed the ” Kanavape “. The minister of health of the time, Marisol Touraine, had threatened to prohibit it, and the creators of this “e-ring” has now been removed from sales. It is clear that for three years, the phenomenon continued to gain momentum.
The Academy of medicine has decided to pull the alarm. A young French person out of two who died in a road accident has consumed the cannabis and the consumption of this substance is often associated with mental disorders, such as schizophrenia. A concern based on the fact that many young people begin to consume cannabis resin from the age of 12 years.

According to this institution, warning the harmful effects of cannabis must be “placed in the rank of national priority” and ” the consumption of cannabis should not be trivialized “.