Var : a man of 76-year-old collapses in a full-jogging

Health 16 August, 2017


Published the 16.08.2017 at 13h33


The sport is good for health, we will not go back on it. But sometimes it can also lead to death. A person of German origin, aged 76 years, died in full jogging on the course sportif Saint-Raphaël.

The man reportedly died of a heart attack, ” says Var morning, who relayed the information. On the 15th August at 8am, while it was a small race morning as usual, he would have collapsed. Other joggers attending the scene were immediately called to the rescue. But upon their arrival, it was already too late.

All ages, all sports

The person being elderly, multiple pathologies that could explain this sudden death. But if it was not for heart disease in particular, given its ability to run regularly, his death could be described as a sudden death of the athlete.

Each year, approximately 1,000 athletes collapse during or around their practice, of which 10% to 20% were under 35 years of age. Some are even very young. These are men for the vast majority (95% of cases), whose average age is about 50 years. Most often, there is no sign of the incident.

Running, football and cycling are the sports that are most affected, but also those among the most practiced. Other sports, both individual and collective, would also be affected, and the nature of the sport would not have an impact on the risk of sudden death.