Venom: Another symbiote to the cast?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

Who said Eddie Brock and Carnage would be the only symbiotic of Venom? According to new information, a third of them could join the casting of the film!

While he had been in limbo for years, all of a sudden, the Venom project attracts a lot of attention! On the one hand because it was finally confirmed that the film would be made, Tom Hardy having task of interpreting Eddie Brock in this Spider-Man spin-off; On the other hand because other news that concern him do not stop flooding! What, inevitably, make us want to know a little more about what Sony plans to do with this super-villain, that his ambiguity makes so interesting. Today, precisely, a new rumor – because, yes, it is there, now, let us rejoice! – just surfaced about the cast of Venom. Imagine, the meltynauts, that it might be that another symbiote from the Spider-Man universe comes to take a turn. Or perhaps you should say “another symbiote”, since the character in question would be none other than Ann Weying!

Let the uninitiated know that Ann Weying, who appeared for the first time in the Marvel universe in the number 375 of “Amazing Spider-Man” in 1993, is actually the ex-wife of Eddie Brock! She even came to help our weaver several times in order to put an end to Venom’s actions. At least until she became the victim of the symbiote, thus becoming She-Venom and losing completely foot. For as much as to warn you that the young woman has known a fairly disastrous lot after its traumatic experience with the symbiote … According to the site That Hashtag Show, therefore, Ann Weying could well be part of the casting of Venom. And the idea is rather interesting when you think about it, whether it appears as a symbiote or not! The character of Eddie Brock, already tragic enough, would gain in depth and thickness if he had to interact with his ex-wife besides confronting the other crazy symbiote of the movie Venom, Carnage, who will play the bad guys. We cross the fingers to have a little more info about it in the weeks to come!