Venom: Tom Hardy joins Spider-Man Spin Off

Cinema 22 May, 2017

You wanted it? You’ll have it! The spin-off of Spider-Man on Venom seems to have gone into production. And it’s Tom Hardy who will take the lead!
That’s it, we’re almost there, the meltynauts! Like what, we should not lose hope! Since Spider-Man has returned to the bosom of the Marvel studios and has become more or less integrated within the Avengers, it was thought the spin-off projects made in Sony buried. But if, you know, all these films on the Sinister Six and especially on Venom that the studios hoped to stage and which seemed to have been canceled. Or at least we did not hear about it. So, of course, it is with all the more joy that we learned the news this weekend. Yes, one of the emblematic opponents of Spidey, who will soon be faced with the Handyman in Spider-Man: Homecoming, will WELL be entitled to his spin-off! And it is of course Venom, The terrible symbiote, of which we wish to speak . The villain will be entitled to his film and we already have the name of the director and the main actor.
Tom Hardy, after playing the awesome Bane at DC Comics and Christopher Nolan and ignoring the role of Rick Flag in Suicide Squad , will lend his traits to Venom , Plunging into the very special universe of superheroes and their super-adversaries. The actor has signed with Sony to interpret the character of Eddie Brock, the most famous incarnation of Venom. As for the director, it is simply Ruben Fleischer, who staged the genialissime Zombieland . So let’s say they form a duo of shock! Of course, we do not know anything else about the film and it will probably be patient before we learn a little more. However, The studios seem to have already programmed the release of this spin-off for October 2018 so we should not have to wait long before we have more details. As for fans of the villain himself, they can always fall back on the Spider-Man event that will be dedicated to him and which was recently announced by Marvel ! What do you think of Tom Hardy’s choice?