Véronique Sanson : STROKE, coma, pulmonary embolism : a life of intense and fragile health Gala

Entertainment 12 January, 2018


In his book, something in us of Michel Berger, Yves Bigot recalls the hardships experienced by the singer Veronique Sanson throughout his life , from health problems to addiction through the abuse of marriage.

While some consider Véronique Sanson as one of the most brilliant singers of French in recent decades, it has certainly paid dearly for his talent. This is what recalls Yves Bigot in his book Some things by Michel Berger. The author tells that the singer has been the victim of a STROKE at the age of 15 years due to which she has known the coma and amnesia. A time in a relationship with Michel Berger, she leaves abruptly, Véronique Sanson, fled the United States to join the musician Stephen Stills. After having had an abusive father, it ends up sharing her life with a man who afflicted to physical violence before the sequester. Separate from the long months of his son Christopher, Véronique Sanson was forced to remain a resident of the United States a few years to keep his visitation rights.

Véronique Sanson has also had problems of addiction, with alcohol and cocaine, and that she was not hidden in the piece the softness of The danger : And all the days I struggle all the time. Against the derision of my soul bottomless. And this is where I like the softness of the danger. And then my sentimental life
There is more than an emptiness of space”. Since then, she has continued to experience success and recognition,Véronique Sanson was also diagnose a genetic disease of blood, incurable, of which she spoke to the magazine Télé 7 days in 2010 : “I suffer from a genetic disease. My blood doesn’t clot normally, which requires me to a blood test in a week. And I can’t take the plane to go see my granddaughters in Los Angeles ! “The singer of 68 years has led up to today, a life of hardship of music, excess and consecrations.

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