Véronique Sanson, the real wife of Michel Berger ? The dagger for France Gall Gala

Entertainment 12 January, 2018

Death of France Gall

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In his book, something in us of Michel Berger, Yves Bigot quotes from the music producer Bernard Saint-Paul, which explains the quarrel between France Gall & Véronique Sanson.

They have been the companions with the same man. But when France Gall gets in a relationship with the singer-songwriter Michel Berger, it is still dragging the scars of his break-up is devastating and abrupt with Véronique Sanson. For many years, he dédira his most beautiful love songs, as he has since become the father of the children of France Gall.

The music producer Bernard Saint Paul tells the author Yves Bigot how blurred natural between two women loved the same man turned into a fight… through the illness and death of Pauline Burger, daughter of Michel Berger and France Gall and cf : “The little Pauline Hamburger who knows he is condemned, made a will and told his mother ‘I know I’m going to die, I would like to be buried beside papa ” France asks Annette Haas, who no longer had his entire head as the casket of Michel Berger was able to join the vault of the Gall. End of not to receive. Franka Shepherd (sister of Michel Berger, editor’s note) tries to assemble the world, to counter the will of France, and the only one that works, it’s Veronica. She asked him to sign a letter to the registry at the court. Véronique said that France Gall is not really the wife of Michel, as it is the (…) I tell him not to sign it. “From what you mêles ? answer me does it. He did that to me, I do what I want “(…) of course, France has had a copy of the letter and calls his buddies : Johnny, Goldman… Veronica is ostracized for, is never invited anywhere”

Pauline Hamburger has died of his disease in 1997, and his body rests with that of his father in the family tomb at the cemetery in Montmartre. France Gall will also be buried on Friday after be died the 5th of January last died of cancer.


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