Victoria Beckham: from the daughter of the faubourgs to an officer of the British Empire

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

During this Christmas period, Victoria Beckham received an incredible news that gives her a good reason to party. In a few weeks, the ex-singer who became a stylist will be ennobled by the Queen of England.

It is a particularly modern fairy tale that Victoria Beckham will soon be able to celebrate. The news fell on Wednesday, the wife of former footballer David Beckham is on the list of personalities that Elizabeth II will honor in 2017 the badge of Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Contacted by the Mail Online , a close friend of the clan that Victoria Beckham said, from his vacation in the Maldives , felt ” thrilled and honored for such recognition .”
If the queen and empire wish to return to Posh Spice this distinction, it is neither for his contribution to the work of the Spice Girl not to his well-cut designs . It is Victoria’s involvement in humanitarian missions to UNAIDS that is now worth her to be ennobled by the crown. If Cruz’s mother, Brooklyn, Romeo and Harper can be proud, her children and her husband are equally proud. 13 years ago, it was Victoria who was accompanying David to Buckingham Palace to receive his medal. The former sportsman will soon do the same for his tender wife. An opportunity found for the Beckham clan to take the pose all together …
The order of an officer of the British Empire surely has the flavor of accomplishment for Victoria. At 42, Miss Adams (of her maiden name) has come a long way in reaching this point. Born of a hairdressing mother and father electronics engineer, installed at Harlow forty kilometers from London, the little brunette had to work hard to reach her dreams. Theater, singing lessons and odd jobs to pay for it all, Victoria never lost sight of her goal to become a singer (or famous). His fate first fell on the occasion of the creation of the Spice Girls in 1994, and then two years later when he met the young footballer David Beckham. Long mocked for her vulgar style and apparent lightness, Victoria, who will soon be ennobled, can enjoy her revenge on what to say.