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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Rested and smiling, a month after its heavy fall, Patrick Sébastien, has just appeared in a video posted on YouTube ; there, he reassures his fans, and philosopher as always it puts into perspective the accident.

On the 19th of July last Patrick Sébastien announced on Twitter he was the victim of an “accident domestic “; that does not give more accuracy if it is not the fact that it was a broken collarbone, some had then announced his emergency hospitalization, and that he was “sick ” ; two pieces of information that the leader of the biggest cabaret in the world has held to withdraw it later in a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday 16 August.


Appearing the face rested behind his desk in his house of Martel in the Lot, (” Nothing soothes me if this is not the smell of my land “, admitted it in 2008), a man of 63 years explains the reasons which led him to live a convalescent enforced : “Just, a month ago, I had what is called an accident in the home. I fell heavily, very heavily, on the stairs hard, with the result that at the output, I’ve had a broken collarbone and a collection of bruises, quite impressive. “. The interpreter of Sardines to add : “While it is recovering quite slowly, I still have a small scanner to pass to be sure of being able to resume my activities. But I intend to resume them. “


Patrick Sébastien, who is expected to return very soon to the road to meet its galas, has also made the announcement of the future release in October, his book, The Happiness is not prohibited. A book which he holds “ a lot “, ” very important ” in which he book full of ” tips ” and its ” vision of happiness “. It is, moreover, little of time after having completed the facilitator has heavily fallen : “beware with the stairs, there are those who have coped less well than me (…) In this book I say that it is necessary to put things in perspective and this accident happened as if to say ‘You wrote it, now apply the’. Actually I’ve toned down, I told myself that even if I have suffered a lot, I dodged because I would have been able to kill me on the stairs “, he concluded.

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