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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


Wednesday, January 10, Brigitte Lahaie was invited on the set of BFM alongside Caroline De Haas. The two women have discussed the consequences of sexual violence. A statement from the radio host caused a malaise on the board.

Since the revelation of the case of Harvey Weinstein, many testimonies accumulate. Assaults and sexual violence are today at the heart of the debate. Wednesday, 10 January, the radio host Brigitte Lahaie and the feminist activist Caroline De Haas were on the plateau de BFM TV to discuss on the topic. And the two women were in disagreement on several issues : that of the tribune, signed by Catherine Deneuve, and a hundred women who defend the ” freedom of men to annoy “, but also on the natural mechanism of the body of the woman during sex, consented or not : “How can we give back to women the power of their bodies and the enjoyment ? “, then started Caroline De Haas, before answering his own question : “there’s something very simple, it is to stop the violence. Because of the violence, they prevent the enjoyment. When you have been a victim of rape, you enjoy less, in fact, in general. “A statement quickly rebutted by Brigitte Lahaie :” One can enjoy during a rape, I have to inform you, ” she said.

Shortly after the debate, the activist was immediately reacted on his Twitter account : “This day ends, therefore, with a discussion about BFM TV in which a signatory of the platform of the World to me : “You know, you can enjoy during a rape”. I have more words, ( … ) The body of a victim of violence may react in many different ways. This does not change the fact that the viol’is a crime. Place this sentence so that it spoke about sexual pleasure gives a sense of trivialization of violence.”

This day ends with an exchange on @BFMTV in which a signatory of the platform of the World said to me : “you know, you can enjoy during a rape “.

I have a few more words.#BalanceTonPorc

— Caroline De Haas (@carolinedehaas) January 10, 2018

This time Brigitte Lahaie balance “One can enjoy during a rape,” Caroline Haas (who has been a victim) in the midst of a debate on BFMTV… I have more words…

— Nils Wilcke (@paul_denton) January 10, 2018

Photo credits : BFM TV

Brigitte Lahaie

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