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Entertainment 27 August, 2017


You thought that no one had escaped the phenomenon Brigitte Macron ? It was without counting on this woman that the presidential couple had met in eastern Europe.

After a vacation under the sun of marseille, it was time for the presidential couple to return to the path of the work. Their re-entry has started on the hats of wheels with a three-day trip to eastern Europe, from 23 to 25 August. In the program : Austria, Bulgaria, and Romania. But there is no question of making tourism, the president came to convince his counterparts to revise the directive to posted workers.

Upon their arrival in Austria, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron, who has also been conspicuous by its elegance, have taken on a walkabout. A woman has then asked the president, holding to remind him of how much she carried in her heart. “We all love you. Your wife is special”, she added before pointing the finger… the wife of the austrian chancellor ! The latter has re-established immediately the truth, exclaiming “no, No” and showing him that the real Brigitte Macron stood just behind her. A blunder that got a laugh out of Emmanuel Macron, even if a bit embarrassed by the situation he did not fail to add : “Do not mix”!

“Do not mix ! “
When the wife of the austrian chancellor is confused with Brigitte Macron…

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