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Entertainment 9 September, 2017


Donald Trump is poised to become, for the ninth time, grandfather. His son, Eric and his wife Lara are expecting their first child this month of September. In the meantime, the belly well rounded, the mom-to-be spares no effort in the gym.

The clan Trump will soon welcome a new member ; and Lara, the wife of Eric Trump, the second son of the us president, is preparing, in effect, to give birth to their first child. A baby who will be the ninth grandchild of the american president, 70-year-old, father of five children from three different women. Donald Jr. and Ivanka, the first two children from his first marriage, already having respectively five and three children.

With his elder brother Donald Jr., Eric Trump is, since the arrival of his father to the White House in January, in charge of managing the Trump Organization, the nebula that takes care of the investments of the family Trump the United States and abroad, ranging from real estate to hotels by way of golf clubs.

Lara Trump, 34 years old, ex-journalist, is very engaged in the defence of animals and manages with her husband, the Foundation, Eric Trump, who is funding for children’s hospitals. The young woman who, although eight months pregnant, remains adept of the sports halls as shown in the video posted on his Instagram, where it appears the belly well rounded doing splits while wearing a weight above his head. “Hoping that the workout inspires the baby to make an appearance ! “she as well commented on in the caption of this sequence captured by his sports coach.

Hoping the workout and inspired this baby to make an appearance!! Thanks @teammaloney

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I think Charlie has figured out that there’s something cooking in this belly.

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Tuesday’s #Ohio rally was so much fun!!! Join us for next week’s in #WestVirginia! #MAGA For tickets:

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