VIDEO – Emmanuel Macron is a flop with his joke at the Congress of Versailles Gala

Health 3 July, 2017


Monday, July 3, Emmanuel Macron, speaking in the face of the parliamentarians at the Congress of Versailles. During this speech, the president of the Republic made a joke which got a laugh out of that one person: Edouard Philippe. This is what we call a flop.

Despite its drama during the years in high school, Emmanuel Macron can improve the relevance of its valves. On Monday, 3 July, the president of the Republic brought together members of parliament and senators to Versailles for a congress. For nearly an hour and a half Emmanuel Macron has delivered his vision of the mandate that opens, to evoke its action, the challenges he intends to tackle”. The one that has been caricatured to the occasion and dubbed Manupiter” by Release, referring to the king of the gods Jupiter and the nickname “Manu”, took the opportunity of this speech to make a little bit of humour. Unfortunately, the public has not been very receptive.

In a royal décor, Emmanuel Macron wanted to laugh with the meeting with a joke intended to Edouard Philippe, his prime minister. Turning to him, a smile, the husband of Brigitte Macron said, determined: ” France is not a country that can reform “. ” This is wrong…Pardon me mr. prime minister to announce to you today, before the congress, the bad news “ he continues. A little joke which has, it seems, provoked discomfort among the parliamentarians, if we are to believe the coughing that echoed in the room. Only, Edouard Philippe has slightly laughed, folding in on itself. If this valve is a flop, it has the merit of not trigger controversy. Last June, Emmanuel Macron caused a furore with a sentence misplaced on the kwassa-kwassa, frail boats used by thousands of migrants Comoriens.

During this same congress at versailles, Emmanuel Macron has struggled to wrap his audience, pausing at each of his sentences. It is very far from the energy jumping from the presidential candidate who was losing his voice when he would chant ” long Live the Republic, long live France “ at the meeting of Porte de Versailles .

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