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Entertainment 29 January, 2018


Yann Moix has big against Emmanuel Macron. After his podium against the migration policy Release, the polemicist is a new dézingué the president to the antenna of BFMTV on Sunday 28 January.

On January 21, 2018, Yann Moix has blasted the migration policy of Emmanuel Macron in an op-ed published in Libération. “I assert, Mr. President, that you leave commit to Calais criminal acts against the exiles. I saw it and I filmed. I say, Mr. speaker, that officials of the French Republic hit, gazent, caillassent, harm, humiliate teenagers, young women and young men in the distress and destitution. I saw it and I filmed, ” wrote the polemicist.

Invited on the set of BFMTV Sunday, 28 January, he was presented with a layer : Yann Moix attacked the head of State, after his visit to world economic Forum in Davos. “I think the big problem with Emmanuel Macron, in fine, is that il is too young for the function “, has dézingué the polemicist. As a reminder, at the age of just 40 years, the president is one of the youngest leaders in the world, and the youngest head of State in France since the creation of the French Republic. “We do not govern a country solely by the intellect. It lacks the experience that have had all its predecessors. This is the first time – because he is very intelligent ! – that the French nation is led only by the intellect of an individual. It is not courageous because he has no experience. He is intelligent, but intelligence does not allow him to lead the country as he had announced he would do, ” said Yann Moix.

“The big problem of Emmanuel Macron, is that he is too young for the function “, according to Moix

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