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Entertainment 9 January, 2018


Guest Bonjour France hosted by Daphne Bürki, Pascal Obispo is back on his meeting with France Gall with which he would have been able to collaborate.

At the end of the 90s, shortly after the death of his daughter Pauline, France Gall receives Pascal Obispo to initiate a possible collaboration. The singer told this on Tuesday at the microphone of Europe 1 on this meeting, which was visibly marked. “It should not be a substitute for geniuses like Michel Berger, who is a part in the song the French people that I have deeply inspired” announces from the outset the singer, before explaining that this is Luigi Calabrese, owner of a label at Sony that the contacts in 1997 that the artist composed for France Gall. If the challenge seems to be “impossible” to meet, Pascal Obispo is triggered when even in the adventure.

“I have written songs saying to me : ‘Go on, you never know’. And also for the pleasure to meet an artist who for me is the symbol of true French singer. This is my reference when I have to quote a French singer, ” explains Pascal Obispo. Among the songs proposed by the author interprets, it is unacceptable, He is the one that I wanted and The Key… titles finally denied by France Gall and then sung by the troupe of the Ten Commandments, or Patricia Kaas.

“Raphael (Hamburger) was behind it, France was on the couch. It was twenty years ago. I need to play songs. It was very difficult because I was not very convinced, ” said Pascal Obispo. After having performed His purpose, he remembers the word of France Gall : “It is Michel, but this is not Michel “. “This is a phrase that is beautiful and fair. It does not replace person. We are all unique. I had done what I could. After that, I had a lot of difficulties with his songs “. In the end, the reason it was chosen to become the musical symbol of the Sidaction.

.@ObispoPascal had written songs for France Gall, she was ultimately not recorded.

Among them : “reason for being” which became the song of the

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