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Entertainment 10 September, 2017


Guest this Saturday, September 9, in It is not lying on France 2, Francis Huster, who came to present his book, has been in trouble with Yann Moix ; the actor up to a criticism of the columnist an article assassin that he would be writing about him thirty years ago.

Francis Huster was present this Saturday night in One is not lying to present his new book never give up, do not waive nothing (Ed. The Cherche-Midi). I started to write this book to explain why, when all is lost, when one is really in the face of death, it was like a miracle. It is start from scratch and transcend his life “, he said with emotion from the very beginning of the show.

This Emotion is because before this, the actor of 69 years, revealed to have been sexually abused in childhood : “I wrote this book, simply because at 12 years old, in the house of my grandmother in la Varenne-Saint-Hilaire, I found myself in the middle of the night in the bed and I saw a flashlight. And a man approached me and he raped me with a knife there (the actor pointing to his neck). “

A fact of life capital, which, according to Yann Moix, should have been the object of greater development in the book. Therefore, the chronicler – prior to infliction of an injury to the ego of the actor – has kept all the same to him apply some ointment : “You can’t not love Francis Huster ” . And chain : “It is a book of chaos, which goes in all directions “. “No, it’s not in every sense. (…) It is your opinion, but this is not mine , “retorted the actor. “What you come from we say give a reading new to this book. Besides, I do not understand why you have not spoken of it more explicitly in the book , “has reignited the Renaudot literary prize 2013.

Answer of Francis Huster : “The problem is that if I come tonight, this is not to say that my book won the prix Goncourt (…) it is an outstretched hand. (…) You have not understood the book. You essentially ridicule, Yann, this is stupid “. The actor on the defensive, evoking so an article that Yann Moix wrote in the magazine Ok there are more than 30 years on the actor, ” two pages, despicable, absolutely scandalous , “according to him. Yann Moix to deny and to ensure that this magazine did not exist at that time.

A clash concluded in the humor by Francis Huster, who has assured us : “ I think that this book, thanks to you, will be a lot of success “. A dogfight followed by 1.15 million viewers, according to Médiamétrie, and that has naturally made many react on Twitter as you can see below.

How I see the clash Yann Moix and Francis Huster

— VINCENT (@DONVI55) September 9, 2017

“Clash : Yann Moix & Francis Huster in ONPC”
In the Face of an ad similar focus-vs on a word :

(Your brain vs said thank you)

— The Indéprimeuse (@LIndeprimeuse) September 10, 2017

Clash Yann Moix/Francis Huster

The Eiffel Tower has just been lit in the colours of modesty…#ONPC

— Guillaume Blardone (@gblardone) September 9, 2017

A good little war of ego between Huster and Moix. The joys of #ONPC

— S O L È N E (@Solene_Ducrocq) September 9, 2017

Ouaooo the grudge of Huster 30 years after a critical Voice in Ok! Magazine mdrrrr the old guy I am ashamed. #ONPC

— Sofiane Ha (@SofianeHaddar) September 9, 2017

the match yann moix vs huster has just begun

— YACOUR NAOUFAL (@sarbanenaoufal) September 9, 2017Francis HusterYann Moix

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