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Entertainment 18 December, 2017

Miss France 2018

23 years old, Maeve Coucke, miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais was being crowned miss France 2018, Saturday, 16 December. Student in law, the young woman, who had already participated in several beauty contests, however, is not ready to do anything to succeed. Bedroom ? It’s not the issue!

Freshly elected Miss France 2018, Maeve Coucke is a young pioneering woman who knows what she wants… and what she does not tolerate. Interviewed by France 3, Hauts-de-France, last September, it was then that miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais has had to answer questions as varied as “do you have an album of Céline Dion in your disco?” and ” is this that you are ready to lie to succeed? “. These two issues, the miss replied a categorical no. “Never in life “, exclaimed the young woman as to whether she would break down of its charms to advance.

Very comfortable at the election and in interview, the young woman, however, has already suffered the wrath of internet users, some considering it to be too lean. Others have also criticized strongly his remarks on the hair of Alicia Aylies, miss France 2017, which she described as ” hair of the lioness “. An expression deemed to be inappropriate, or even racist to some. The crazy pace of a year as Miss France has already started to Maeve Coucke, who made his first shoot for the Gala the day after his election. A pace that does not scare the young woman who says he is a natural optimist and ready to take on the challenges ahead for this year’s out of the ordinary.

Interview with Maeve Coucke, credit : France 3, Hauts-de-France

Photo credits : Denis Guignebourg / Bestimage

Maeve Coucke

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