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Health 2 July, 2017


Invited, this Saturday, July 1, on the plateau of Hi Earthlings, Michèle Laroque has faces the verve incisor of Thierry Ardisson.

Thierry Ardisson like to support them where it hurts and titillate his guests. So when Michèle Laroque, in a relationship for eight years with the former minister François Baroin and is very discrete about his private life, just do the promotion of his new movie on his shelf, the first question they ask is not conventional. “Francis, are you okay ? It is funny when even he lost the primary with Sarkozy, the presidential Fillon, the legislative elections with himself, it’s just you that he has not lost ! It has a lot of luck,” he says. But the prank goes wrong. Michèle Laroque, who has consoled his companion after this succession of defeats, is obviously very embarrassed. Do rétorquant not, she’s just a bit of a laugh facade.

A malaise far from destabilizing the facilitator that drives the nail, slapstick joke after slapstick joke. “In any case, you have changed, it is much better since he is with you. Much more serene. It has more the air of being 18 years old, he looks 30.” Until the ultimate bad joke : “You stated in a Release that François Baroin was funny. If you had said that he would sell the schit, I would have believed”. If the actress responded on the moment, the end of the program, she is not embarrassed to say what she thought in her own way, with a lot of restraint : “It is really nice here.. We are not talking about the private lives of people, it’s super !” It would appear that she is not ready to go back on the plateau of Salvation to Earthlings.

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Photo credits : Laurent Viteur

Michèle Laroque, Thierry Ardisson

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