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Entertainment 31 January, 2018

Nana Mouskouri

Hard to imagine Nana Mouskouri without his iconic glasses. And yet, at the beginning of his career, everyone was rushing to get rid of this accessory, developed a cult following today. She explains why she has always refused.

There are artists that are almost inseparable from their look. Nana Mouskouri, who makes his return on stage, is part of those : with his big framed glasses black, who never left his nose, the singer has created a signature, which was almost never to be his. In fact, at the time of its debut, the star was pressured to divest himself of his glasses, considered to be very flattering. It is open on the plateau of Daily life, explaining : “At the beginning, no tv in the world accepted me with my glasses. “

Yet, she has never agreed to remove them. A because she needed to, but also because she wanted to remain herself : “I am nearsighted astigmatic. And all my life I wanted to be on stage as I am in life. So here it is. “A wise decision, since today, glasses have become his trademark. Nana Mouskouri has recently entrusted to the Parisian accessory, it was also used as a little shield : “It protected me a little because I’m shy. “

Of its history, it draws a council that it wishes to send to the new generations : “What is important, and I recommend it also to young people, it is not to be influenced when they feel something, to do as they want. It must be stressed in life. Because it is like it has a personality. “Full of wisdom, she concludes :” You must do what you want to do, we need to be self-same, and I was like. “

He was often advised to remove his glasses during his career. The board of Nana Mouskouri : “don’t be fooled, stay yourself ! “👓👌

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Nana Mouskouri

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