VIDEO – Pauline Ducruet broke out at the Gay Pride Gala

Entertainment 28 August, 2017

gay pride

Pauline Ducruet was keen to show its support for LGBT people in marching during the Gay Pride parade in New York. Through a small video, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco has made this public commitment.

Pauline Ducruet is not broadcasting messages of love directed to his mother, Stephanie of Monaco : she also shares thoughts that are more universal, in particular on his account Instagram. The young woman went this Sunday, June 25 at Gay Pride in New York, and was not required to keep a low-profile but rather to clearly show his support toward the LGBT community. In addition to his participation in the procession, Pauline Ducruet has posted on his account Instagram a little video on which we see waving a flag in rainbow dancing, not far from the parade. In crop top and white mini skirt silver, tattoo-apparent, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco seems to have great fun at the Gay Pride parade, and displays a big smile full of joy and good mood, which proves that it has participated with happiness to this event.


HAPPY PRIDE ️ #pride2017 #NYC #tiki #loveall #rainbowsuitsusall

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Pauline Ducruet

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