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Entertainment 12 October, 2017


Thierry Ardisson received, in 2006, the producer Harvey Weinstein. During the interview, the presenter is the echo of a rumor that runs on the producer – a phrase now cold, in the light of the charges which he faces.

You are alleged to be terribly hard case, Harvey “, states Thierry Ardisson when it receives Harvey Weinstein on the set of Hi earthlings!, in 2006. During this interview, the presenter, the producer ofa sentence that illustrates its reputation and that of his company. “There is a sentence that short on you, Hollywood, who says : “If you have never been fucked by Miramax(a company founded by Harvey Weinstein, ed), is that you’ve never worked with them “. A conversation which, today, echo the scandal that has taken the maker of stars.

Recently, many american actresses but also the French were accused of having abused of them during their meeting. But in 2006, this rumor goes unnoticed and, as the adds Thierry Ardisson : “This is a joke” . Harvey Weinstein has simply responded in the following manner. “Those who say it usually hide behind anonymity. And often are people who don’t have success” . Before going : “Is this-that you have the name of the author of this quote ? There are only cowards who say such things “. It would seem that these “cowards” may have now a name. The impunity of Harvey Weinstein fell.

“If you have never been fucked by Miramax, is that you’ve never worked with them.”

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