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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


Taylor Swift had disappeared from the social networks in the day on August 20. The contents of all its accounts had been deleted. For his fans, the singer is in the process of conducting a coup of communication in anticipation of the release of his next album. On 21 August, the young woman is back on the web posting a short video referring to an old quarrel that the singer has talked with Kim Kardashian.

Taylor Swift does not only have fans and friends in the artistic community. Popular, best album of the year in 2009, the singer breaks records in sales in just 20 years. Inevitably, this stirs up the jealousy. Resentments that might appear on his next album. Indeed, the singer would have removed all content from its social media accounts to announce his next album. Yesterday, the young woman has posted a short video where we can catch a glimpse of a tail of a snake that moves slowly. Internet users see it as the symbol of his quarrel with the wife of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian.

In fact, fans of the star of reality tv show american have attributed the emoticon in the shape of a snake with Taylor Swift, when she was at war with the rapper. A dispute that dates back to 2009. During the MTV Video Music Awards, the young artist of 19 years won the award for best video clip with the title You Belong With Me face to Beyoncé with her video clip I m Single Ladies. Kanye West went on stage to express his disagreement during the awarding of the prize. While the hatchet is buried, in 2015, the rapper wrote a song which he is insulting the interpreter Shake It Off. He says that Taylor Swift has released the lyrics of the song, one thing that the young woman insane. The wife of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, takes the defense of her husband, accusing the ex of Tom Hiddleston as a liar.

This video of a snake in the process of moving would therefore be the sign of a settlement of account with his detractors in his album. The next clue will be, perhaps, for Katy Perry, with whom the singer is in a war for several years now.

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