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Entertainment 13 September, 2017

slip of the tongue

On 9 September last year, the Prime minister has paid a visit to François Bayrou in his town of Pau. When asked about Edouard Philippe, the former minister of Justice has committed a slight slip of the tongue in front of the cameras of the show Daily.

Last June, François Bayrou left the government of Edouard Philippe. The one who had worked behind the scenes in the election of Emmanuel Macron has remained very little time for the position of keeper of the Seals. While a preliminary investigation for the Modem had been open, the mayor of Pau had decided to leave the government. A decision that does not question, according to him, his support of the president of the Republic.

Since his departure somewhat down the government, and François Bayrou is a low profile in the media. He was nevertheless obliged to take the floor on September 9 in front of the cameras of the show Daily, during the visit of the Prime minister in his town of Pau. The opportunity for the former minister of Justice, asked the current tenant of Matignon, to commit a small gaff : “It turns out that when the President of the Republic told me that he had in mind to appoint Christian Philippe, I supported it “. Edouard Philippe, rather, not ? François Bayrou is then realized his mistake and immediately corrected his mistake. A sequence that has a lot of fun the internet users.

In November 2016, already, François Bayrou was mocked on the web. In the show “the ambition of intimate ” presented by Karine Le Marchand on M6, the mayor of Pau was compared physically to the american actor Richard Gere.

“Christian Philip “
If even François Bayrou is trompe…

— Daily (@Qofficiel) 12 September 2017,François BayrouÉdouard Philippe

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