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Entertainment 29 January, 2018


Invited on the set of the television news of TF1 on the 28th of January last, Isabelle Nanty and Jean-Paul Rouve answered a funny question asked by Anne-Claire Coudray.

Isabelle Nanty and Jean-Paul Rouve, the hero of the saga “Les Tuche” did not expect probably not to live such an interview on the plateau du JT de TF1. And yet, the two comedians have responded to questions posed by Anne-Claire Coudray. They have referred to the writing of the film, the parallel with the election of Donald Trump to the United States, the role of the First lady in the Elysée, but also the complicity of the actors and the filming of the feature film, whose theatrical release is scheduled for January 31, next. But not only that… at the end of the interview, Anne-Claire Coudray has posed ” a question that burned his lips “, that is to say if the two actors loved the fries : “We love it,” replied Isabelle Nanty before discussing the mode of cooking potatoes. Very quickly, the customer reviews were not slow to multiply on the social networks. The sequence has generated strong reactions : “When you don’t know what to ask during an interview and that you still have 5 minutes “, can we read.

But if the film, directed by Olivier Baroux wants to be funny and quirky, the writing of the scenario was not easy. Talking about politics is not a simple exercise as explained by Jean-Paul Rouve : “When you make a movie about politics, it is necessary to pay attention to them, he entrusted on the board. It should not be populist, not to be a donor of lessons… We put in the head of Jeff Tuche. Everyone sees what he wants. “

When you know what to ask during an interview and that you still have 5 minutes to take 😂🍟

— Robin Bernaud (@RobinBernaud) January 28, 2018

Photo credits : TF1

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