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The war continues between Alessandra Sublet and Thierry Ardisson. On the plateau of Salvation to Earthlings, the facilitator did not hesitate to mock the faults of French to his colleague of television.

Saturday, July 1, Thierry Ardisson, it introduced a new program number Hi Earthlings, aired on C8. The opportunity for the facilitator to point out the faults of French Alessandra Sublet. In the Face of the guest – Michèle Laroque, Elodie Fontan, Florent Peyre, Moundir, Gyselle Soared and Richard Orlinski – the companion of Audrey Crespo-Mara has launched the game ” ‘Said ?’ Not said ?’ “. The goal : to find the author of the sentences set out. The occasion for Thierry Ardisson to launch a new spade to his colleague : ” You have had three price in some of the biggest festivals “, he said before adding : ” No, this is not you, to the attention of Moundir. This is Alessandra Sublet. “And Thierry Ardisson has not stopped there… The moderator has also raised an error of Alessandra Sublet during the presentation of its guests. The presenter had confused Guy Drut, International Olympic Committee to Guy Lux.

This is not the first time that the man in black tackle Alessandra Sublet. In 2013 already, Thierry Ardisson was an evident lack of culture of those who ran then C à vous on France 5 : “Listen, it is gauss, it boasts, finally she boasted, every night on his show, not to have culture, not to know that war of 40 had started at 40, for example, had he entrusted to Jean-Marc Morandini in The Largest direct media on Europe 1. It is a style of animation where we laugh to fill the gap. “Later in the magazine Télé 7 jours, Thierry Ardisson reiterated his criticism of the moderator : I have nothing against it, but Alessandra Sublet on the chain of knowledge, it is still a roof ! “

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