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Entertainment 19 August, 2017


Arnold Schwarzenegger has strongly criticized the media coverage ambiguous of the President Trump on the white supremacist after the tragic events of Charlottesville.

It is not necessary to upset the Terminator. Since the racist violence in Charlottesville, several figures leapt, blaming Donald Trump its about convoluted, and its lack of clarity after the death of a protester and anti-racist killed by a member of the radical right and identity in american last Saturday. The President Trump did not want to point the finger at any responsibility and Arnold Schwarzenegger has called him to choose his camp.

In a video – subtitled by Gross – full of enthusiasm, passion and humour, the former governor of California disagrees with the words of the head of the State and asked him to clarify : “In fact, as the President of this great country, you have the moral responsibility to send the unequivocal message that you don’t support the hatred and racism, ” says the star. With humor, he then offers to help Donald Trump to write his message while addressing a replica pop miniature of the american President : ” You see, it was not so difficult ! “. Already mocked after his tweet following the attacks of Barcelona, the chief of the american army again takes to his rank.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking on the white-supremacist and neo-nazi… and the opportunity to tackle Donald Trump !

— Gross EN (@brutofficiel) August 18, 2017

When he’s finished with Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger address a personal message to the white supremacist. ” Your heroes are losers. You support a lost cause. (…) But the truth is that it is never too late to make the choice to learn, evolve and understand that all humans are equal,” he says facing the camera with a great determination. A beautiful lesson of humanity and a condemnation of racism.

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