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Emmanuel Macron is in move in China since Monday, January 7. For his first day diplomatic visit, the head of State spoke about her perspectives on the environment. To make yourself understood, he took a crash course in mandarin, in full make-up session. The scene filmed was broadcast on the Twitter account of the president of the Republic.

Emmanuel Macron is in official travel in China until Wednesday, January 10. A travel under the sign of partnerships, business and the environment. For the purpose of conveying his or her ideas, the president has repeated a few phrases in mandarin. To show the involvement of the head of State, the communication department of Emmanuel Macron has released this short learning on the social network Twitter.

In full make-up session, the head of the State repeated phonetically, the sentence that teaches him his interpreter in mandarin. “Rank-diqiu-zaici-weida “, runs Emmanuel Macron. Words that mean : “to bring it back to our planet big and beautiful” . An expression he has picked up from his american counterpart, Donald Trump. On June 1, 2017, the president of the United States has decided to pull out of the Paris agreements on Climate change. The president of the Republic has reacted by publishing on the social networks: “Make our planet great again (make our planet great again)” , referring to the campaign slogan of the billionaire : “Make America great again “.

In the same spirit, Emmanuel Macron has chosen to transpose this sentence into chinese. An effort of language that is welcomed by some users : “Splendid, Mr. President ! Even with pronunciation mistakes, they (our chinese brothers and sisters) will be conquered ! “John Tsi, Tso, Tsa, Tse wè Your “, “You can’t say that he does not give his person to appeal to its chinese audience ! The planet, meanwhile, is happy to have a protective active” or “Emmanuel Macron is a nice guy, and he shows it once again on the occasion of this trip in China. ”

Particular attention for the chinese people, that is fascinated in return for the presidential couple French and more specifically for the First lady. Godmother of the baby panda born at the zoo of Beauval last summer, Brigitte Macron has arrived, radiant in a red coat and thigh-high boots to the arm of her husband. Their romance is not like the others is attracting a lot of interest in China. “This man has married a teacher of 24 years his senior, became a grandfather (by marriage) in 30 years and makes now Europe is crazy about him”, is a message that had been read nine million times in may of last year on the site, Weibo, the chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Because the climate speaks to everybody : “Make our planet great again” … in chinese.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) January 8, 2018

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