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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Bixente Lizarazu has retired from professional football as it was eleven years ago. Today 47 years of age, the former top-level athlete, however, has preserved a body of athlete.

Bixente Lizarazu loves to share her passions with her fans on Instagram. This week, as usual, the former left back of the team of France football, therefore, is filmed during her various extra-professional activities. On holiday in his Country-Basque native, the father of the family has been filmed jumping in a back flip from a boat stopped on the ocean. 24 hours later, he immortalized one of its outputs weekly bike ride. A small trip between friends as long as 110 miles, consisting of four passes and that the former football player has swallowed in less than five hours. At the age of 47, Bixente Lizarazu retains more than ever a physical athlete.

It should be said that since the official announcement of his retirement, eleven years ago, the world champion has never really stopped the sport. When it is not in the studio, at RTL or TF1, to talk about sport with his mates antenna, the Basque surf, swims, runs, plays football, is skiing, hiking, biking, and causes even the brazilian jiu-jitsu, which he practiced intensely for several years. A taste for the sport as the father of the family has not failed to transmit to his son, Tximista. Then comes into play the diet of the former top-level athlete. From a young age, in the clubs of football, Bixente Lizarazu was accustomed to feed themselves properly, choose good ingredients. A habit he has not lost when they retire. In an interview with Gala, the wife of Bixente, Claire Keim, speaks precisely to the role of her husband in the everyday diet of a couple. “Bixente has kept the reflexes food he has had during his career, so I have a little lifted foot on the stew and I prefer vegetables and slow-burning sugars. And necessarily, it pushes me to do more sport as possible. But luckily it always falls to agree on a nice side of beef and a glass of Bordeaux from time to time… ! “.

The olympic games of Socoa. The diving board at 1m, this diver comes to us from the basque country, the famous school “Pottok plunge” Despite some of the difficulties of stability to the pulse , back flip well grouped and entered into the water finesse…

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Very nice tour by Bike this morning in the fresh and in the fog. 110 terminals, 4: 45 and 4 passes. Course Ascain, Sare, Dancharia, col otxondo col izpegui, Saint Etienne de baïgorri and back. Team of the day @jlbravi @pierredesangles @peyolizarazu.

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