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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


After several weeks of competition, they are more than three. Agustin Galiana, Tatiana Silva and Lenni-Kim will battle it out one last time on Dancing with the Stars. Back on benefits, the most significant of the three finalists.

From the waltz to the foxtrot, passing through the quickstep. In a few weeks, the candidates of Dancing with the Stars have discovered several new disciplines. Each time, they are bent to the exercises imposed by the jury and by their dance partners, and each time, they gave it their all to surpass their own limits. Saturday 9 December, Elodie Gossuin was leaving the competition, eliminated in the semi-final. It only remains, therefore, that three apprentice dancers in the race for the victory. Each has its own way has also marked the competition.

The paso doble inflamed by Agustin Galiana
From its first performances, Agustin Galiana has amazed the audience, proving that he could easily overcome the label of “beau gosse” which he has been able to be decked out. The actor has the rhythm in the skin, and his iron will allowed him to propose choreography is impressive. And, even if the jury accused him to be released during the last few weeks. During the prime ” Family Choice “, it is tried to a paso doble to pay homage to his grandmother. Like a matador, he had delivered a benefit impressive, like hot embers, which had ended with a kiss. In the final, it will also be the opportunity to prove his progress, since he will dance again the paso to the arm of Candice Pascal.

The quickstep energetic Lenni-Kim
Considered the underdog of the competition, Lenni-Kim has impressed the audience and the judges, week after week and dance after dance. A little like had been able to do that Loïc Nottet, at the time. The youngest of the competition has not been dismantled in the face of opponents older than him. In the arms of Mary Denigot, he has achieved feats, and accumulated 10 enthusiastic. One of its benefits is the most significant ? A quickstep performed on the original soundtrack of the The Land, Another Day of sun. For the grand finale, the young dancer will try again to convince the jury and the public on this dance. Remains to be seen whether it will lead him to happiness.

The samba sultry Tatiana Silva
Last woman in the competition, Tatiana Silva has managed to get a place in the final of Dancing with the Stars thanks to its constant progression. The young woman has never given up, and had proven that she was able to adapt. In particular, when Christophe Licata fell ill, a few weeks ago, and thatshe had to change partner a few hours before the prime. During the fourth week of competition, “Armadillo” has marked the spirits by delivering a choreography scorching under the water, on a rumba. She had then proved all its potential for sensuality. For the final, the reporter weather must convince the audience with his performance on a contemporary dance. A choice for the less adventurous.

Photo credits : PHILIPPE LE ROUX / TF1

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