Vikings, 13 Reasons Why, The Walking Dead … The most traumatic deaths of the season!

Cinema 25 June, 2017

Take out the handkerchiefs, we propose you to come back on the most traumatic deaths of the series of the season 2016-2017!
This is the moment to approach a subject that is angry this weekend, a subject that breaks hearts and even that sometimes haunts us even after several weeks: death in the series . As the first week of the World Series Cup competition comes to an end, we invite you to come back to the series that have disgusted us, made us cry or even howl because they killed a character that was close to our hearts. Be aware that you can continue to vote for your favorite series by visiting this platform , a vote can change everything and put your series in the eighth! Obviously, this article contains big spoilers on the series that were broadcast during the 2016-2017 season, you will have been warned!
Ragnar Lothbrok – Vikings
It was known that this was going to happen, and yet it was no less painful to see Ragnar Lothbrok , the star of the Vikings series . After many battles, Ragnar was no more than the shadow of himself, and he chose to die in his words, making sure his sons would avenge his death and kill one of his greatest enemies, King Aelle. We always cry for his death and his character will always miss us a little when we watch episodes of Vikings …
Hannah Baker – 13 Reasons Why
It is surely death that made the most talk about her in this year 2017, in the universe of TV series. When the 13 Reasons Why series begins, Hannah Baker is already dead and yet the scene of her suicide left us all in shock . The scene of his suicide is very controversial and whether one agrees or not with the fact that one had to show this moment, it is certain that it will have marked everyone. In any case, we are not ready to forget Hannah Baker and her tragic story.
Glenn and Abraham – The Walking Dead
Season 7 of The Walking Dead began with certainly the most violent episode she has ever proposed. The death of a character had been teased at the end of the previous season and on the return of the series, fans had to see not one but two of their favorite characters to blow Lucille’s head. Glenn and Abraham were the two famous victims of Negan and it is not hidden from you that it was particularly difficult to watch this scene as it was violent . Besides, it caused a lot of ink to flow because a lot of people think that the series went too far. One thing is certain for us anyway, our little heart fan still cries Glenn and Abraham.
Stefan Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries
This year, it was necessary to say goodbye to the series The Vampire Diaries , which, after 8 years of good and loyal services, drew its bow. But it was not enough, it was also necessary that the writers killed one of the favorite characters of the fans: Stefan Salvatore . Many have not yet forgiven Julie Plec for making this decision to sacrifice still and always the same brother, the right and right brother, even though in history it is brought as his ultimate redemption to his brother for the ‘Forced to become vampire. We can console ourselves by saying that Stefan rests in peace with Lexi and that he has certainly finished being a tortured soul.
Wes Gibbins – How To Get Away With Murder
How To Get Away With Murder has done very hard this season by killing one of his main characters: Wes Gibbins . At the beginning of the season, it is discovered that a fire raged in the house of Annalise and that a personage died. We had to wait until episode 9 to discover that it was Wes, a revelation that left us all speechless. Also, it was really hard to get away from the head this image of Wes’s body burned …
Mary Stuart – Reign
That death was also expected, since in reality the true Mary Stuart was decapitated and the series respected History to write the end of the life of the Queen of Scotland. So we witnessed the execution of our dear Mary, after a new season fighting to retain her throne and power. It is really a tragic end for his character, fortunately the writers have softened it by not showing us the act but rather his reunion with Francis in the afterlife – Thank God! So certainly this death is much less disgusting or unexpected than some others, but it is still one of the few series that end on the death of his main character . Which deaths have you most traumatized this season?