Vikings: Could a spin-off be born?

Cinema 6 February, 2017

While we are waiting to know when we will find our heroes of Vikings, could a spin-off be born?
Extended Universe? While we wait to know when will air Season 5 Vikings , we begin to wonder if History could not give us a spin-off based on the universe created by Michael Hirst. Indeed, with the last declarations of the creator of the series, we have every reason to think that we have only two seasons (40 episodes) to follow. During an interview, he said he had already revealed the end of the series to the leaders of the chain and that there would most certainly a season 6. However, even if the Vikings saga ends, we can perfectly imagine that a spin-off is born . The series deals with many historical accounts and leads us to several other countries, which deserve to be developed. Because the qualities of Vikings , History’s interest to continue the adventure with Michael Hirst and give him a new historical challenge that would surely delight fans.
One of the spin-offs that may soon be possible would be a series devoted to the Knights Templar . Indeed, with the new character of Heahmund, we will have an introduction to his religious precursors. The stories about them are numerous and promised to see on the screen many fights and spectacular twists. Religion, sex, fights and power would be at the heart of this series and fans of Vikings would not be out of place. Another destiny that could give rise to a derivative series is that of Rollo. Although Michael Hirst said the brother of Ragnar still things to live in Vikings, we imagine very well a series being him all about, telling his ascension to the Kingdom of the Franks . It is indeed the one at the origin of the duchy of Normandy. Suffice to say that the story would be interesting to see on the screen. Finally, a third idea would result from the other peoples that our vikings will meet or fight in the next episodes. With the conquests in the Mediterranean and because information on the shooting that reaches us, our warriors will certainly face the Moorish peoples , whose stories are numerous and particularly loaded religion, fight and obviously taking power. Lately, we dévoilions meant that the inscription on the sword seen in Heahmund Vikings! Would you like a Vikings spin-off?