Vikings season 4: Alex Hogh (Ivar) reviews the evolution of his character and the final season!

Cinema 10 February, 2017

While Vikings season 4 has just ended, Alex Hogh (who plays Ivar) looks back on the evolution of his character and the final season!
A beautiful role! While we were wondering who would be Ivar’s next victim in Vikings’ season 5 , Alex Hogh, the comedian who played him, returned to his first major role in a long interview. First of all, he says at the beginning : “I did not know very well what I was doing and it was a real learning and it still is.” Working with Travis Fimmel, from the start, Made for me ” . The actor who did only a few episodes with Ragnar’s interpreter praised his famous partner: “We worked on the stages a few days before turning them, just talking with each other On the phone about how we were going to play.I quickly figured out how everything was going, how you should work the scenes and how you talk about it, what you can get as an actor, with your own ideas on The character and the stage.This is a creative process and you have to compromise with the director and the screenwriter.Travis is simply a genius and he taught me to believe in myself and my own ideas while remaining logical Especially when we worked together on episode 13, when we were alone in the forest in England, it was just great, and we both agreed that we wanted to make this moment relevant and light and create A logic with all the other scenes of the series, just between a father and his son ” .
Regarding his character, Alex Hogh Andersen says he is now used to crawling because of the paralysis of his character. A disability that did not prevent the interpreter Ivar Le Bono from following an intense training with the rest of the cast: “A personal trainer was hired for the four brothers and he killed us six days a week for three weeks My body has never been so sore before “. The Danish actor goes on to talk about what to play such a paralysis: “I have to be honest about this, I jump from time to time on my legs.It’s difficult, but every time it crawls, It’s a signal to the public to remind them that they’re dealing with something they probably will not understand, and that it’s different, so I’d rather crawl it from time to time. Keep his illness in the minds of viewers . ”
In the final episodes of the season, Ivar ultimately joins his brothers within the strategic Pagan Grand Army , thanks to a tank. On this subject, the actor said: “To be part of this, it was personally exceptional, the number of extras, the number of hours worked in all this was a crazy experience. What you do and how impressive it is – you can forget it when you’re just standing in a studio, so it’s cool when you go out with 300 extras, five cranes and six cameras and trucks everywhere . ” He also refers to the more nuanced aspects of his character, including anger, arrogance and confrontation with his brothers: “Everything he does is a compensation for his illness and he struggles all the time to prove it. Is struggling with his paralysis and not being in the image of someone who can lead an entire army, with the fact that they will not see his mind shining, it is the most boring thing, when You have the answers and they are not heard ‘ .
In the final season, we could see how much Ivar’s frustrations can make him dangerous when he plunges an ax into Sigurd’s chest, killing him before the whole army. On this scene, Alex Hogh says: “It is a major scene, if he could control his anger, he would be the absolute weapon and it is something he will fight even in season 5. He hates That, because he lost control. Despite all the experience he gained, he became more man, but he still struggles with that little child inside him who is just angry and hurt . ” The actor also teases the next burst of episodes and especially his desire for vengeance on Lagertha, who killed his mother: “He will never forget, she is the only woman who ever loved him, so he can not Never calm as long as Lagertha is alive . ” Finally, as to how Alex Hogh Andersen would describe the Ivar to come, he said: “Determined, always angry, violent, but also in love, he is completely disconnected from reality and his emotions . ” Lately, we wondered if a spin-off of Vikings could see the light of day! What do you think of the actor’s comments?