Vikings Season 4: All with Bjorn in a promo video captivating!

Cinema 10 November, 2016

Promoting the Return of the Vikings season 4 continues with a captivating promo video centered on the charismatic Bjorn!

vikings-saison-4-4b-posterEach turn it a few days ago, we dévoilions a featurette for the season 4B Vikings Ivar putting in the spotlight ; Today, the American cable channel History launches a promo video captivating centered Bjorn ( to discover on the Facebook account dedicated to the series ). This offers us numerous excerpts us with a character who has gained charisma and is now well respected by his people , as we can see in the extract opening this video. Michael Hirst, creator of the series, recall that Bjorn is now an accomplished man and he knows what he wants. Alexander Ludwig, who plays the eldest son of Ragnar, means that his character wants to become greater than his father and, as we see in another sequence, he wants to explore new territory and does not fail to know at Ragnar, who remains impassive. It also seems to be supported by his younger brothers.

Michael Hirst announced that Ragnar refuse to treat him as a man and even less as an equal . In fact, Bjorn will refuse to follow his father and continue his own destiny, of finding the mysterious Mediterranean sea and explore. As we see in the beautiful last extract of the promo video, the young man will achieve his goal, assemble a maximum of vikings, most of his brothers and Floki and sail the seas and oceans with a substantial fleet. Should we expect Bjorn to become as famous as his father? It certainly will be a strong competition due to the emergence of Ivar! Recently, we offered you to dive behind the scenes filming Season 4 of Vikings. What do you think of the evolution of Bjorn?