Vikings Season 4: Aslaug, Lagertha Rollo and the honor of first 3 teasers!

Cinema 5 November, 2016

Promotion Season 4 Vikings continues with three new teasers dedicated to Aslaug, Lagertha and Rollo!

vikings-saison-4-4b-posterCharacter characters! So we just reveal 3 teasers for Season 4 of Vikings spent Ragnar, Floki and Rollo , the chain History continues its intense promotion with three other teasers. This time, it was Aslaug, Lagertha and Rollo are honored and as we see, the style remains the same. The first promo video presents Aslaug we hear “You forget something Lagertha! I am the queen! You think you can become a queen, but you will never be in the Kattegat! Never forget!” The tension should be maximum between the two women and certainly the title of queen of Kattegat is at stake. we have now to find out who will win this battle and something tells us that the fall of Aslaug could be close.

The second teaser is spent Lagertha and it is the same theme that is addressed. We hear the mother of Bjorn say “There can be only one queen in Kattegat! Aslaug is not made to be queen!” The last teaser that reaches us is interested in Rollo, who is expected to return to its people in the coming episodes. We hear him say “I can not deny that part of me is always Viking, possibly matter how much I try.” With these first 6 teasers, it is the main intrigue of the new season we are available and we can not hide that they are more qu’intrigantes. Lately, we dévoilions you the official posters of the season 4B Vikings, with Ragnar, Lagertha, Ivar, Floki, etc. What do you think of these teasers?