Vikings Season 4: Aslaug witnessing the death SPOILER in a terrible new single!

Cinema 27 November, 2016

A few days before the release of Midseason Premiere of Season 4 of Vikings, a new extract reaches us, in which Aslaug witnessing the death SPOILER!
A terrifying vision! While we dévoilions to you from season 4 of the Vikings, in which suicide seems Ragnar is now another sneak peek as the US cable channel History sent us. This is what we put in turmoil because we discover a tragic omen of Aslaug, a fatal vision. Indeed, while she sleeps peacefully, Aslaug is taking spasms and we understand she dreams, or rather nightmares. In his dreams, she is on the banks of the Viking village and sees a huge tornado approaching Kattegat, while having already captured an individual. We quickly see, it turns out that it is Ivar and we see it fall into the dark waters and drown slowly. Aslaug remains powerless against this sordid spectacle, until she wakes up. More than a nightmare, it is a real message sent to him.

Indeed, as we see with the promo photos and synopses of episodes 11 to 13 of season 4 of Vikings , as we revealed, this scene could appear in Episode 12. If we analyze it, we can assume that the tornado is a representation of Ragnar and he will lead her son in her loss . Aslaug will do everything possible to save his son. Unfortunately for her, we know it will fail to stop him from leaving. It now remains to be seen whether Ragnar will actually drive his son to death’s door! Anyway, Ivar rub shoulders with danger and death in future episodes of the series. What do you think of this clip?