Vikings season 4: Back on 5 key moments!

Cinema 12 February, 2017

While waiting to know when the series will return, let’s back on 5 key moments of the season 4 of Vikings!
Highlights! While we were wondering when Vikings season 5 would start , on the American cable channel History , it’s time to go back with the 5 key moments we were offered to see in the latest episode.
We had not seen him coming, yet the final midseason ended in an impressive leap in time. This one is of capital importance in the second half of season 4 of Vikings since the cards are redistributed. Ragnar lost his prestige, Bjorn rose as the true leader of Kattegat, governed by an Aslaug carried on the drink. He also allowed us to get acquainted with the four sons of Ragnar so each one presents a facet of the personality of their father. This leap in time has changed the course of the series’s history and we just regret not having had an episode focusing on Ragnar’s experience during the past lapse of time .
Although we may wonder why she waited so long to take action, Lagertha finally takes power over Kattegat, killing Aslaug in passing. Her revenge is accomplished and she finally has what she believes to be her own. This takeover had consequences on our perception of Lagertha, but also on the Viking city since it has great ambitions for Kattegat. It puts in place the construction of defensive fortifications and these new stakes evidently bring about new confrontations. During this half-season, Kattegat has gone from being a simple village to a central character and we expect major events to take place there.
The first scene where we discover the character played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, on which we told you more and which will be at the heart of season 5 of Vikings , is not transcendent and does not teach us much, if it Is that this religious has an impressive sword and that he does not respect his vow of chastity. However, we know that Heahmund will deliver impressive fights against our warriors and that he will be their main enemy in the next episodes . We strongly urge him to take action.
This event only takes place in the final season, but it is important for the future. Indeed, it is a journey of a new kind that will be offered to the character, an initiatory journey where he will be carried by the waters to an unknown destination. Thanks to Floki, we should meet new peoples, new cultures and new religions . Before finding our warriors, Floki must find peace and this path promises great moments.
There have been many deaths throughout the season and all are important, nevertheless that of Ragnar is major since it marks the end of an era. We knew it would happen sooner or later, but we did not expect it at that time, not half the second half of the season. Although incredibly well directed and almost poetic, the death of Ragnar was a difficult time . His body was not found by his sons, the actor assures him that he will not return, but we always hope to see his spirit, beyond his voice that often resonated after his death. Ragnar is dead, but he remains the hero of Vikings through his most beautiful legacy: his sons! What are your 5 key moments?