Vikings Season 4: Dive into the behind the scenes

Cinema 6 November, 2016

A few weeks back for Season 4 of Vikings, dive into the behind the scenes!

vikings-saison-4-4b-posterBehind the scenes! On 30 November, History will launch the second part of the season 4 of vikings, for which we revealed 3 new teasers putting Aslaug, Lagertha Rollo and honored . To promote this return, the chain unveiled a video making-of immersing ourselves in filming these new episodes. We see the fighting will be very many, whether on land or sea. Alex Hogh Andersen (Ivar) does not fail to warn us that this season 4B will be “huge” , while Michael Hirst, creator, says “each season should be more important than the previous one and this one is no exception” . The means are certainly put to us to fill their eyes, between exceptional natural scenery, costumes, weapons and sensational makeup, numerous extras and key stakeholders incredibly involved in the series.

Alyssa Sutherland, who plays Aslaug, does well to note that now the series focuses more on the people, but in many places, proving that the stakes are higher than ever. For its part, the designer advised that there will be more of family dramas, it will still be about the characters, faith and spirituality, war, and it will always be about the life of the Vikings . We are confident that the new episodes will delight us and we keep counting the days. J-24! In the promoting, Ragnar Ivar, Lagertha Bjorn and the others are shown in the official posters of the season 4B Vikings. What do you think of this making-of video?