Vikings Season 4: Episode 11, Ragnar the reconquest of his, our critic Midseason Premiere!

Cinema 1 December, 2016

After months of absence, Season 4 Vikings resumed last night on History, with episode 11, where we offer our criticism!

vikings-saison-4-poster-ivarA new era ! After long months of absence, History aired last night episode 11 of season 4 of the Vikings, in which Ragnar made his return to Kattegat . While we expected a lot of commotion in the Viking village, following the return of their king, it is not. Indeed, this episode is not to us to fill their eyes. His interest is to plant a new setting, introduce new characters and new plots. New characters are none other than Ubbe, Hvitserk, and Ivar Sigurd, the son of Ragnar and Aslaug. These are grown men and they share a very special relationship between complicity and rivalry. Indeed, as Ivar has observed, his three brothers love to train in combat, in which it participates with talent and uncompromising, but mostly, they share the same woman, a slave named Margaret, which seems not too much trouble. So Ivar will ask to have it too, that his brothers will give him and which gives us one of the best scenes of the episode, because we find that his disability makes him powerless . But in this misfortune, he may have found a new ally in Margaret.
Beyond carnal knowledge, what interests our young heroes is the return of Ragnar, their father they do not know. What is his goal ? What should they face this return? That’s the type of question that everyone is asking. We see, Ragnar came because he wants to establish his revenge, but gradually return this sounds like farewell. He initially shares a moment with Bjorn, and then another very emotional with Floki, to whom he confesses his love to him. We see his wonder discovering the sumptuous boat Floki designed and we do not fail to note the special interest it seems to bring to Helga. During the episode, he visits Lagertha, who now lives a love story with Astrid, a woman of her clan. Their reunion are particularly interesting, but soon we are shocked when we see that Ragnar tried to hang himself. Fortunately, the case returns to rope and Kattegat. The final scene is captivating: side by side in the thrones, Ivar confides in her father so very open. The image is beautiful, words have meaning and we perceive all of the transition taking place.
Finally, although it is not the character that we see most, Bjorn is that by which we learn the most. First, he informed his father that he has another son named Magnus, he had with the Queen Kwenthrith, but mostly it will not follow in Wessex. Indeed, the clan has its own plan: to go in the Mediterranean, particularly with Hvitserk while his other son prefer to stay to protect their mother. The Seer warns him against his father whose return is synonymous with disaster, disorder, chaos, tragedy and death. The result promises to be intense! This episode was not charged in action, but once again, we have proof that the series is able to develop his characters in depth. Newcomers are intriguing and we look forward to discover more. Vikings, where many deaths are expected in Season 4 , did not finish make us addict! What did you think of this episode?