Vikings Season 4: Episode 11 tonight, Ragnar is back in Kattegat!

Cinema 30 November, 2016

After months of waiting, Season 4 Vikings returns tonight with episode 11, in which Ragnar is back in Kattegat!

vikings-saison-3-posterThe big day has arrived! Finally, after months of absence, tonight, the American cable channel History will launch the season 4B Vikings in which we will get to know the children Ragnar, as we have seen in several promo videos . The great event of this midseason premiere will obviously return after years of absence, Ragnar in Kattegat. We expect to learn a lot about the experience of the Viking king during that time, but also the reason for the return among his people . We also discover that over the past few years, Bjorn status has changed and that it is preparing to conquer the Mediterranean Sea. For its part, Aslaug reign over Kattegat, with the unwavering support of his son, but Lagertha could come to undermine its position as it wants more than anything to become the Queen of the Viking village.
To recap, the synopsis of this first midseason informs us that “Ragnar is back in Kattegat and has many secrets to reveal. He shared his plans to return in Wessex to repair past mistakes, but he discovers faster than those who were once his closest allies now have their own plans Even the son of Lothbrok refuse to join in the mission of their father. – with the exception of ” . While we asked you if you were ready for the season 4B Vikings , we can ensure that this new round of episodes will offer us many wars and twists, without forgetting the love stories! What do you expect the Vikings back?