Vikings Season 4: Episode 12, intense promo video revealed!

Cinema 1 December, 2016

Next week, History broadcast episode 12 of season 4 of Vikings, who looks intense!

vikings-saison-4-vikings-saison-5-ragnarIt promises heavy! After too long months of absence, the American cable channel History has delighted fans of Vikings disseminating episode 11 of season 4, for which we offer our criticism . Following this premiere midseason taking the time to introduce new characters and plot the next, we discovered the promo video of the next episode, titled “The Vision” . As its title suggests and as we see, it will cover a bad omen of Aslaug, who will attend the death of his son Ivar. So she will do everything to prevent him to follow his father and we see, the character promises intense scenes like the one where it seems to practice a ritual. The other part of the episode we propose to review Halfdan and Harald come to honor Bjorn and his proposed conquest of the Mediterranean Sea. Lagertha will also be there and we can already expect to see the start of the war between it and Aslaug.
Remember, we had already discovered the synopsis of the chapter, who informed us that: “The people of Kattegat claim that the gods have abandoned Ragnar as he tries to form a crew for his trip in Wessex Now Bjorn. is one who has the leadership and is preparing to realize his longtime dream. explore the Mediterranean aboard a new boat built for him by Floki however, Ragnar must accept damaged boats and a crew that has bribed. When Aslaug predicted that the fleet will be lost in a storm, his warnings are not taken into account by Ragnar and his precious son, Ivar “. Love should also be at the rendezvous, besides we wondered if Ubbe would couple in Season 4 Vikings! What do you expect from the next episode?