Vikings Season 4: Episode 12, that he is going to happen next week?

Cinema 2 December, 2016

They are well and truly back! The episode 12 of season 4 Vikings will air next Wednesday on American screens. What will happen in “The Vision”?

vikings-saison-4-trailer-bande-annonce-partieAh, it is good to find them! After more than seven months of absence, Vikings heroes were finally back in episode 11 of season 4 . If it was expected of the explosive, the show chose to put us gently in the bath with an episode focused on the different characters of the village of Kattegat. A great introductory chapter for the end of season 4 that we all waited with great anticipation. One thing is certain after this Midseason Premiere, Ragnar weakened considerably but the gods have not finished with him yet . Valhalla wait for the fallen King! Will he succeed in convincing his people to accompany him to England to take revenge? Well it will be precisely the plot of episode 12 of season 4 of Vikings , released on Wednesday … Follow the guide, we told you!
If Ragnar had no trouble convincing Ivar, the only son of his who still supports him, to follow him to the Kingdom of Wessex, it will be much harder to rally his former comrades raids. In “The Vision” , the inhabitants of Kattegat rather go through Bjorn and Mediterranean project. Although with his new boat built especially for the occasion by Floki, the first son of Ragnar has an advantage. His father, meanwhile, will face criticism from its people and especially to settle for a shabby fleet. It is clear that the wheel turns and that Ragnar will struggle to regain its past glory. Things will also be further complicated because Aslaug, following one of his visions, will oppose this journey to protect his precious Ivar . Yeah, it smells really bad for our hero! So, this late season 4 on History does mark for good late in the reign of Ragnar? To find out, do not miss episode 12 of season 4 of Vikings .