Vikings Season 4: Episode 12 tonight Lagertha threat dangerously Aslaug in a new clip!

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Tonight Vikings back with episode 12 of the season 4, a first excerpt shows that Lagertha threat dangerously Aslaug!

Hatred! Tonight on American cable channel History , Vikings will return with episode 12 of season 4, for which we dévoilions the promo video . We have seen in this chapter, Aslaug will get a vision that aims to be a bad omen for Ivar, if he follows his father in his quest for vengeance against the Wessex. Also, the warriors of many clans will gather to celebrate before leaving for the conquest of the Mediterranean Sea. This event is the subject of a first extract plunging us in the heart of the reception, especially at the time of the arrival of Harald and Halfdan. While Ivar will wish them to go to hell, Floki and Helga will show delighted to find them and Bjorn, meanwhile, seems suspicious . We have no doubt that this scene should book us great moments, especially when Lagertha and Ragnar will make their entrance.
More interestingly, a second extract reaches us and focuses this time on Lagertha and Aslaug. While the second is in full sacrificial ceremony, covered with ceremonial make-up , the first wife of Ragnar kneels beside her and whisper in her ear , “I know you can hear me. I want you to know I will never forgive you for having taken my husband and my world ” . After facing Aslaug recovered in full trance, she adds, “You worry call Queen, but you will never be Queen of Kattegat” before the blood splatter. Recently, another excerpt from episode 12 of season 4 of Vikings reached us where Aslaug watching the death of Ivar. What do you expect from tonight’s episode?