Vikings season 4: Episode 15, SPOILER is no longer, our critic!

Cinema 29 December, 2016

Last night, History was broadcasting episode 15 of season 4 of Vikings, in which we witnessed the difficult end of SPOILER. Here’s our review!
The execution of the king! Last night History broadcasted episode 15 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we dévoilions the synopsis and promotional photos . A hardly sustainable chapter that led to the death of Ragnar. We dreaded it and this moment proved inevitable. Despite the overwhelming sadness and the difficulty was to see this episode, it is certainly one of the finest in the history of the Vikings . In opening, we witnessed a scene in which Ivar and Alfred play chess against each other. They do not speak the same language, but master the principle of strategy to win. We certainly look back on this time in a few seasons when they embraced their destiny and they will compete in a terrible war . Right after this is another striking scene that we discover as Ragnar bids farewell to his son, not fail to let him know that it is in him that he has faith to ensure the future of their people , Advising him to use his anger in an intelligent way and guaranteeing that one day the whole world will know Ivar Le Bono. Ragnar does not stop there because he puts an end to his strategy of post-mortem revenge. He Ivar understand that even if the king Aelle kills is by attacking the king Egbert he will avenge his death.
The latter testifies to all its complexity when he follows the convoy leading Ragnar to King Aelle, disguised as a beggar (note that in the sagas, the great god Odin often wandered, his face disguised, taking on the appearance of a humble man ). Surely he feels guilt for having acceded to the request of the Viking king, a man he admired and whom he finally looks great . Like Ragnar, Ecbert was always curious about other cultures and as they grew older, both seemed to have put their nation’s future ahead of theirs. On Ragnar’s side, the journey offers us a moment when we love him more than anything (when he bites the hand of a soldier), but above all these are moments of intense emotion that win us. Whether he remembers his friendship with Athelstan, his family moments, or when the Seer appears to him. The exchange is lively and passionate: Ragnar says his victory over the gods: “I have shaped the course of my life and my death Me Not you, not the gods, my man is master of his own.! destiny, not the gods the gods are man’s creation to give answers they are too afraid to find . ” To this, the Seer replied, serene and disappointed: ” I walked among the lowest of the dead, and I looked for a meaning I may be wrong.” . Here we can ask ourselves if the seer as he puts his religion in question or if Ragnar talks to himself!
He who does not question his religion is King Aelle. This terrible character offers us the most unsustainable moments of the episode. Once Ragnar in his hands, he will make him live a real torture. Strike him with a stick, burn him with a cross, cut a cross on his forehead! Nothing is spared to Ragnar, who yet is mastered and proves once again that he is the supreme warrior, that he is not afraid of anything, neither torture nor death! Ragnar offers us a beautiful speech on the Valhalla which seems to us to be more pronounced for his sons than for him. Just after, the prisoner is thrown into a snake pit, where he gets bitten many times. At this point, we wonder what is going on in Ragnar’s mind? Does he see King Ecbert, who looks at him over the edge? If he sees it, does he smile at the sight of an old friend or that of the man who will be the subject of his final vengeance? Snakes fill the body of Ragnar their poisons, his eyes closed, as the doors of the tomb, like the slamming doors of Valhalla . The episode concludes by bringing us back to Kattegat. Ivar found his brothers, they announced the death of their father, who in turn tells her the death of Aslaug (in episode 14 of season 4 Vikings), a point on which Alyssa Sutherland returned . In anger Ivar presses Alfred’s chess piece into his hand until it is covered in blood. A new great warrior emerges! What did you think of this episode?