Vikings season 4: Episode 15 tonight, the end of Ragnar?

Cinema 28 December, 2016

Tonight, History is broadcasting Episode 15 of Season 4 of Vikings, which could be marked by the end of Ragnar!
We tremble! Lately, History unveiled an incredible promo video for the rest of season 4 of Vikings , who did not fail to worry about the fate of Ragnar. Even if, because of the historicity of the warrior, we are preparing for his death, we can not wait for this moment to be offered to us to see. Unfortunately, the signs that the end of Ragnar could intervene in episode 15, titled “All His Angels” , are many. King Aelle has made his return, we have already seen how he liked to throw his enemies into a snake pit and especially the first images of his confrontation with the King of Kattegat leave no good foreboding. The blows of some are raining, under the laughter of others and Ragnar is only the shadow of what it was for us! Will he join all the angels we have known in the series?
It’s very likely! However, he will not leave without leaving a strong legacy, he will not leave without having given fist one last ploy that could lead to the emergence of Ivar and his other son . Recall that the synopsis of the upcoming episode shows that “Ragnar Ivar and plotting against the Saxons and reach a new level in their relationship” . Could Ragnar be serene in the face of his death? Does his loss of faith have anything to do with his new attitude towards death? Surely, the next episode worries us, but we are even more curious to discover it! Lately, in season 4 of Vikings, we witnessed the death of Aslaug, an event on which Alyssa Sutherland is back! Do you think that we are going to witness the death of Ragnar?