Vikings season 4: Episode 16, Ivar declares war on Lagertha in the intense video promo!

Cinema 29 December, 2016

Next week, History is broadcasting episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings, a first video of which shows us Ivar declaring war on Lagertha!
War and conquest! While we have just discovered the terrible episode 15 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offer our criticism , the US channel History has unveiled the video promo of the next chapter. This promises to be intense because, being shown Ivar screaming death of his parents, we see Lagertha confront and ask her to grant him a duel, a rematch . There is no doubt that his desire to kill her who murdered her mother should feed him and make him more and more vindictive. Moreover, Lagertha seems to be aware of the danger represented by the last son of Ragnar. She will talk to the Seer and ask her if she should kill Ivar. Since we know that the two characters are present on the set of season 5, it seems that this new conflict will not lead to their deaths, but it could lead to that of other characters!
The next chapter will also be marked by the conquest of Bjorn and his men on the land bordering the Mediterranean. But above all, we discover that not everyone agrees on how to act. So we see Floki telling Halfdan and Harald that if they want to kill the people they meet, they will have to kill him first. Then, Harald announces his plan to get rid of Bjorn and the legacy of Ragnar! Should we expect the death of the eldest of the late Viking king or of Hvitserk? Everything is possible now! Recently, Alex Hogh teasait future Ivar in season 4 Vikings! What do you expect from the next episode of Vikings?