Vikings season 4: Episode 16, Ivar’s promise, Aethelwulf’s fear and Floki’s questions, our critic!

Cinema 5 January, 2017

Last night, History was broadcasting episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offer our criticism!

War and peace ! While we disclosure of that promotional photos of episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings is last night that History broadcast the first chapter after the terrible death of Ragnar. The story opens with the tomb of the king whom we loved so much before leading us to Kattegat where news of this fatal death is spreading. Lagertha faces, but there is no doubt that her great sadness is not in vain and for a while we find the Lagertha we love, especially when she seems to think of seeing him in the middle of the night. The rest shows us her new position as a sovereign, she thinks about the future of the city and the new infrastructure that must be put in place to protect its people. But above all, it offers us the confrontation we were expecting with Ivar. The latter wants her to give him a duel to death, which she refuses. The exchange is intense, the determination of the young man is palpable, as is his hatred, and he promises “one day I’ll kill you Lagertha! Your fate is fixed!” We can not talk about the actor behind the character. Alex Hogh shows an actor playing a rare power and we think he has not yet shown everything he is capable of. Travis Fimmel is gone, nevertheless the one who incarnates his legendary son is made of the same stuff and promises to offer us memorable scenes.
We have as a proof the fantasy scene where he stabs a knife in the eye of his new sovereign. At one time or another he will kill her, we are convinced of it. Besides, the Seer tells Lagertha that one of Ragnar’s sons will be at the origin of his death. It remains to be seen when? It remains to be seen which? When we think about the time it took Ragnar to set up his vengeance on Wessex, we can believe that we will have to wait a little. Be that as it may, he and his brothers prepare for war by forging new weapons. Finally, what is certainly the most intense moment of the episode is when the unknown to one eye, accompanied by his ravens, visited Ivar to announce the death of Ragnar . He then came to meet all the other sons of the greatest of the Vikings. We have no doubt, it is Odin and by its mere presence, the message passes. Emotion overwhelms us when Ragnar’s last words echo on a final plan of his tomb, reminding us of the exceptional destinies awaiting his offspring. Aethelwulf fears the worst, warns his father who refuses to listen to him, yet he is entirely right!
On the side of Bjorn and his men, it is war that is to the honor. He accosted for the first time in the Mediterranean and martyrized by all means a Muslim people. In this journey, we are fascinated by Floki. The latter, in the midst of doubt about himself, discover aspects of Koranic religion and seems completely spellbound . More than Ragnar’s curiosity towards others, Floki seems to have succumbed and we expect him to evolve unexpectedly. He does not hesitate to make his people understand that they can not kill in the holy place that is the mosque, an act that is badly perceived by others and that could lead to an internal war. A war that seems to us inevitable since Harald and Halfan also plot against Bjorn to take power, but await a sign to attack the son of Ragnar. Will the announcement of his death be perceived as such? Helga is certainly the other exciting chain of this chapter since she sees a young girl, freshly orphaned, of the conquered people that reminds her of her daughter, so she decides to bring her back with her. The story of this couple enters a promising new era where religion, family and fighting will mix! Despite the death of the central character of the series, it has entered a new era more than promising . The aura of Ragnar continues to radiate via his sons and the history of the Vikings is just beginning and will not fail to surprise us, make us cry and delight us. Lately, we dévoilions you the reactions of fans paying tribute to Ragnar, who died in Season 4 Vikings! What did you think of this episode?