Vikings season 4: Episode 16, the synopsis unveiled!

Cinema 3 January, 2017

In a few days, History will broadcast episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings, which is revealed via its synopsis!

And now ? In episode 15 of season 4 Vikings Ragnar died, an event on which Travis Fimmel and Michael Hirst, creator, returned . Now the flagship series History must survive without him and will rely on other characters that should not fail to offer us beautiful intrigue, as evidenced by the synopsis of episode 16, entitled “Crossing” . This tells us first that “The fleet Bjorn advance and launch a surprise attack. Back in the Kattegat, Lagertha continues in his quest for power” . These are two stories that we will follow and which will begin the succession of Ragnar. Lagertha has become what it is following the trials she went through, especially because of his passion with the Viking king, while Bjorn must prove he is a worthy successor to his father.
As for Ivar’s revenge, we can be sure that as a good strategist he will take the time to develop a flawless plan. A method implemented by Ragnar on many occasions. Even though it is not mentioned in the synopsis, we can be certain, because of the video promo, that it will be present and that it will warn Lagertha against him. Now one of the big questions is who will be the next to die . We are obviously preparing for the death of Rollo, but the fates of Astrid or Hvitserk could be at stake! Recently, we were wondering who the stranger in a look we’ve seen in season 4 Vikings! What do you expect from the next episode?